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We'll set up a TIKPRADS to increase the profit margin and reduce the advertising costs inside your brand. We guarantee you a new sales record in 90 days, and we'll work for free if it doesn't work.

Without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on underperforming ads, high CPC, and low LTV will take your business nowhere.

You won’t need to worry about how you can increase your profit margin when your only main cash flow source is not paid ads any more.

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Waking up the same day over and over again To face the Same Stress...

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Burning more cash on the ads campings to keep your brand rolling… is not the solution to staying in the business. While the profit margin is low & unhealthy .. Plus… Your LTV for your brand… Can’t elevate anymore… You Feel stuck between HIGH CPC and No other source to generate Cash Flow to gain LTV for the brand which would make you Maxumis the AOV ROI in every purchase → To increase the Profit Margin.


Seeking a way To Get your brand on The Healthy way again.. Healthy or Postive Profit Margin

Your Conscious cells getting destroyed by Looking at the same Ads metrics… Attacks headaches as a fair volcano… keeps getting you aggressive under your days and unfocused.. most of the time… Darkly picture of How Your Brand will survive every month after Burning Tons of Cash on only ‘’Clicks or Likes’’ Ads spent plus paying back for the products.. Brand costs.. etc. Need Solution.. can’t have only paid Worthless Negative Ads as The Main Cash Flow. When other Luxury and Huge Brands Take over The Market by GROWING in FREE organic Cash Flow source


  • Running Underperforming Ads as The only cash flow your brand is not valid.
  • Running Profitable Ads with highly engaging Ads Creative and Ads copy related to your Target Audience as one of the cash flows to your brand is Massive for Profit Margin Growth
  • Generate Organic Traffic from Social Media such as TikTok Viral videos (Guaranteed) To Gain LTV for your Brand is what your Brand Growth seeking
  • Use Sales unique Technuiqes To Maxuimses The AOV ROI in Running Converting profitable Ads is exactly what your profit Margin need to increase constantly

Less Stress More Profit

That’s what ‘‘TIKPRADS’’ System is all about.

A New sales record has to happen within 90 days from the start of the application date. (Guaranteed)


How It Works?

Stage 1

Research the Ideal Client

  • Understand Ideal Client’s Motivation, pain points And How To improve their lives?
  • Work on the brand’s Mechanism, and Devople it.
  • Research Market Skeptism & Awareness levels


Building New Ads Creative 

  • Converting Ad copies related to your Ideal Clients


Creating High engaging TikTok Vidoes

  • Use the suitable lengths to go viral
  • The correct Shoot to grab attention
  • Test different angels with different copies and different HOOKS
  • Using your client's pain points and dream desire for your products
  • Identifying the Hitting Angels
  • Re-creating it and Multiple on it 
  • Go Viral
Stage 2

Capture the organic traffic on the website by collecting emails and giving out discount.

  •  Re-target their Emails with Facebook Ads ‘’BUY NOW’’ strategy
  • Re-target the website visitors with Facebook Ads ‘’YOU NEED THIS ITEM’’ strategy
  • Re-target the Tiktok account engagers with Facebook Ads Ex: ‘’BUY 2 AND GET X WITH’’ to
  • Multiply The AOV
  • Detailed plan To calculate The Brand’s Profit Margin -> Healthy Profit Margin
  • Personalized Step-by-Step Strategy To decrease the Brand costs from all different angels
Stage 3

Get the sales rolling in

  • Ensure the Tiktok videos Go viral constantly
  • Keep Testing New Angels
  • Test new Ad creative and copies 


Keep an eye on the analytics of LIFETIME VALUE Metric, AOV ROI, and COST PER CLICK To see constantly increasing Healthy & Positive Profit Margins.


Clients Results.

Who is the Founder ?


Ziad has started with online marketing by posting content online & learning the advertising fundamentals beside it.

Generated millions of views organic without spending any on Ads.

From there started to receive the requirements to help business owners with their ad creative and ad copies.

Studied all the hidden & secret sources of online marketing metrics.

Directly after Ads Tracker Agency has been founded.

  • +140 Million views on Ziad Selo’s Name

  • Unlimited amount of Engaging Viral Videos


Ready to:

  • To increase profit margin ✅
  • Identify ideal client ✅
  • Decrease the CPC ✅
  • Maximize LTV ✅
  • Multiply the LOV ROI ✅

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